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Last Updatet: 25.01.2019

While Mrs Ward ask me, so I take some Pictures from Schwebenried. Schwebenried is a small Village in the north of Bavaria / Germany. The Village is in in the North of Arnstein wich is locatet in the West of Schweinfurt. Most of the Drenkards are from this Village. In the Book from the church I found the earliest entreys from 1800.

More about the family tree Here

A map of North Bavaria where a whit Dot shows where Schwebenried is locatet. There is also Frankfurt am Main where on the right Dörnigheim (Maintal 1) locatet is. There is where I live.
This is the Church of Schwebenried.
This is Schwebenried.
In the middle there is the Church.
This is also Schwebenried.

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